Early Career Professionals

The Early Career Professionals Affinity Group (ECP AG) was formed to address the gap from collegiate to professional SWE and equip individuals with the support, resources, and inclusive community to excel in the first ten years of their career. The mission of the Affinity Group is to aid in the recruitment and development of early career professionals, and to facilitate their engagement with and participation in the Society. By providing a forum for networking, professional development, and opportunities to promote diversity of thought, the ECP AG aims to empower early career professionals to succeed professionally and personally. Collegiate seniors, graduate students, and individuals in the first 10 years of their career are encouraged to join

 Visit the SWE ECP AG website to learn more

Lead by: Jenni Johnson (she/her) and Marie-Pierre (MP) Delisle (she/her)

Strategic goals of our AG:

  • Strategic Goal #1 – Professional Excellence
    • Act as a primary source of professional development, to include all engineering disciplines and career paths, meeting the needs specific to early career professional SWE members.
  • Strategic Goal #2 – Globalization
    • Empower early career professionals within SWE from all geographic locations, cultures, environmental experiences, and career paths.
  • Strategic Goal #3 – Advocacy
    • Encourage early career professionals to be advocates for their career growth and in the face of challenges.
  • Strategic Goal #4 – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Increase representation of early career individuals among Society, AG and local section leadership.

Benefits of being an ECP AG member:

  • Future growth, professional and leadership development in both SWE and the workplace
  • Networking opportunities and engagement with the global early career professional SWE community through organized social events and social media (Slack, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Access to professional development resources through events and mentorship

Connect with the SWE ECP AG here to stay up to date on upcoming events and activities.