SWE Entrepreneurs Affinity Group (SWE Entrepreneurs) is for SWE members involved in running a business or interested in starting a business. 

We have members who have been successfully involved in a business for a long time and have experience to share and also members who are dreaming of starting out on their own. 

Leadership by Tricia Drake

The goals of SWE Entrepreneurs is to:

  1. Highlight the experiences of successful SWE member business owners
  2. Connect with other SWE members involved in entrepreneurship
  3. Provide support and education for SWE members interested in starting a business

Connect with SWE Entrepreneurs on the SWE Mentor Network

  • Sign up for the Mentor Network here: https://swe.turazo.com/
  • In your profile mark that you are interested in “Entrepreneurs Affinity Group”
  • Choose “Find a mentor” and select “Entrepreneurs Affinity Group” under Topics

Other ways to connect

  • Join the SWE Entrepreneurs Facebook group Facebook Group
  • Email SWE Entrepreneurs Affinity Group at entrepreneursag@swe.org
  • Opt into the SWE Entrepreneurs AG emails in the SWE membership portal under Communication Preferences 

Open Positions

Sign here up today!  

  • General Partner – Always needed to contribute their time for special projects
  • Virtual Meeting Host – Hosts 3-4 virtual meet and greet meetings per year. 
  • Copywriter – Writes articles about Entrepreneurs AG, about Entrepreneurs AG members and/or about topics that members are interested in.