First Generation Students and Professionals

The First-Generation Students and Professionals Affinity Group’s mission is to foster a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive culture for first-generation students and professionals within SWE that serves to spotlight the strengths that are developed through this background.

The AG’s objective is to create an intergenerational support network for those who have the shared experience of forging their own path into the engineering profession without the advantage of familial guidance.

​This AG will aid in the advancement and growth of students and professionals by establishing connections between SWE members who have learned how to navigate the university and industry pathways to be successful and share lessons learned. SWE members benefit from participating in an AG by being engaged and providing opportunities for peer-to-peer mentoring, future growth, networking, and leadership in both SWE and the workplace. The AG shall work to empower first-generation students and professionals within SWE from all geographic locations, cultures, environmental experiences, and career paths.

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