Late Career and Retiree

The SWE Late Career and Retiree Affinity Group (LCR AG) is open to anyone who is a SWE member (targeting late career and retirees) or is interested in the needs, recommendations, and concerns of these members.

Lead by Eileen Lindberg


  • To close the gap in programming for the late career and retiree SWE members demographic, including, but not limited to: topics suitable to this demographic, seasoned leader programs, and more technical pathways.
  • To channel/capitalize on a deep commitment by these SWE members to giving back and offering opportunities to connect at the global, national and local levels.
  • To address these SWE members’ concerns about the lack of appreciation and acknowledgement given to long-standing members of the organization.
  • To have a pulse on the needs, recommendations, and concerns of late career and retiree members.
  • To be a pathway for communication to SWE’s BOD (Board of Directors).​

March is Late Career and Retiree Month

 We adopted March 1 as our day since it is national REFIRED – NOT RETIRED day.​

For more information please email us at