Mid-Career Professionals

Lead by Deb Willems (she/her) and Felicia Guerrero Green (she/her).

The Mid-Career Professionals Affinity Group was formed to bridge the gap between the already established Early Career Professionals and Late Career and Retiree AGs for members in the 10-25 year range of career experience. 

The Mid-Career Professionals AG supports those who are established in their career journey and looking for new ways to excel and adapt to changing times. This AG will connect members in virtual settings and at SWE conferences for networking, best practices sharing and mutual support. Additionally, this demographic tends to be overcommitted at work, home and their community, this  AG provides a venue to stay connected with SWE with minimal commitment, travel etc. 

For more information contact Deb Willems, debwillemsswe@gmail.com and join by completing this form.