Public Policy

Our mission is to inspire members to get involved in public policy and support and to create a community and safe discussion around advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels to advance policy interests that align with SWE’s goals. The SWE Public Policy goals, focus areas, and other resources can be found at

Jenny Tsao (she/her) is excited to lead this community. Those interested in learning more about how to engage in Public Policy to advance women in engineering are encouraged to join. 

Led by Jenny Tsao (FY23/FY24)

The purpose of the Public Policy Affinity group is to:

  • Better understand the proportion of membership who are interested in advocacy goals and create a community of interest
  • Gain feedback and insight from members on what policies SWE should focus on, to encourage members to drive policy focus
  • Provide resources and toolkits for members to do their own advocacy outside of SWE Congressional Visit Days
  • Partner with other advocacy groups outside of SWE to expand membership and reach on policy areas, engage and recruit those interested in STEM Education and programs and equity in the classroom, lab, and workplace
  • Resonate with and capture the attention of an increasingly policy-aware voter population, starting with collegiate members
  • Re-engage longstanding SWE members with the strategic, impactful mission of changing policy

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Please email us at if you would like to get more involved or have any questions.