SWE Athletes

The SWE Athletes Affinity Group is open to all people who identify as an athlete and will aid in the empowerment of athletic women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders. This group will foster a community that empowers women in various professional and athletic stages, consistent with SWE’s core values of mutual support and professional excellence. This affinity group aims to empower and celebrate women from various athletic walks of life, provide a sense of inclusive community for members to discuss experiences in athletics and engineering, provide/receive support, mentorship, resources, professional & leadership development opportunities relevant to athleticism, and to provide a space for members to celebrate the accomplishments of athlete-engineers. The AG welcomes those who enjoy recreational athletic endeavors, such as yoga, casual weightlifting, and intramural sports, former athletes, as well as those who are interested providing support to athlete-engineers.

Lead by Hailee Hoffman and Grace Vander Griend

For more information please email us at athletes-ag@swe.org.