Women in Government

The mission of the SWE Women in Government (WIG) group is to support and address career-specific demands of SWE members who work for or are interested in careers in the public sector.

Lead by Jenna Henderson and Jennifer Dalzell

The objectives of the WIG have been centered around meeting the unique career needs of government engineers such as:

  • Work across geographic borders to link experts with similar interests
  • Praise the accomplishments and efforts of female engineers who hold public office or participate in public service
  • Highlight SWE advantages to members who are employed in the public sector
  • Provide career information, training, and mentoring for engineers interested in or currently working in the public sector
  • Improve engagement with government agencies to support the hiring of women engineers for public positions.
  • Create and publish speaking opportunities for women engineers in government at SWE meetings and conferences.

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Would you like to get more involved with the Women in Government Affinity Group? Please reach email us at  WomenInGov.AG@Swe.org. We have many opportunities to participate and get involved!